Walt Disney World
celebrated it's
30th Anniversary
October 1, 2001, through
December 31, 2002.

A limited edition model
of Cinderella Castle
was created for
the 30th Anniversary Celebration
by Ray Day
and Lilliput Lane.

retired on December 31, 2002

"Limited Anniversary Edition" of 3000 figurines.
Cast in Amorphite and hand painted
by the artisans at Lilliput Lane in Penrith, England.

Available only at Walt Disney World
Retail price - $175.00

Released Oct 1, 2001 - Signing Photos


Cinderella Castle
The finished model by Ray Day and Lilliput Lane.
Ray has personally signed the base label and the
Certificate of Authenticity found in each box.
The Castle measures 6-1/2" x 7-3/8" at the base
and is 7-1/2" tall.

There are three HIDDEN MICKEYS to be found.

A watercolor painting By Ray Day

Lithograph Edition of 200
released October 1, 2001 at
Walt Disney World.
(Available at Galleries listed above)

Giclée Edition Release date:
Dec. 20, 2001

Click on image at right for details

See Oct 1, 2001 Signing Photos

The study of numerous photos and hours of drawings are needed before Cinderella Castle
was recreated in wax by Ray Day.

Cinderella Castle
is one of the
most recognized and
photographed structures
in the United States
of America.


"How do you do that" you ask?

"How long does it take you to sculpt a castle?"

See the project unfold through the following photos.

Photo 1- 30 hours

Initial blocking of the castle's front view. Establishing
position of outer walls in
relation to inner and upper
levels is important at this stage.


Photo 2 - 30 hours

This rear view shows a more complex structure at the upper levels. This portion of the castle became even more challenging
than the front.


Photo 3 - 100 hours

"Finish detail" begins at the top and
work continues downward. Thus,
elements already completed will never
be touched again. The four spires
will best be engineered
by the R & D Department at Lilliput Lane because of their intricacy. Notice the single circular turret at the lower
right of the photo. It will be
cast in rubber and replicas
produced in wax for use later.

Although in real life visitors never see
the Cinderella Castle from the air,

in miniature, that is the
typical angle of view.

Photo 4 - 120 hours

Wax replicas of the turret shown
in photo number 3 are temporarily in place for this photo. Many rubber
molds were necessary to capture
the extensive detail during these
early stages of "construction".
The front entrance facade, pictured
as a black and white drawing,
will be engineered by the
R & D Department, then added
when the wax reaches the
Lilliput Lane Studio.

Photo 5 - 135 hours

Front view of upper detail
nearly complete. As visitors
to Walt Disney World, we
seldom really notice some of these decorative elements
at the top of the castle. However,
s you will see in
future photos, they all add up
to a pretty tremendous sight.

Photo 6 - 135 hours

This rear view focuses on rooftops, chimneys and corner turrets.

Attention will now turn
to the massive
walls so
familiar to
Walt Disney World visitors.

Photo 7 - 160 hours
Photographed from this low angle, the elements of
animated charm and fantasy begin to come alive.

Photo 8 - 200 hours

The outer castle wall are complete
and landscape boulders are are in place.
Also, the moat bridge has been
textured and the grand entrance
stairway is taking shape.

Photo 9 - 200 hours:

Surface level details are
now taking shape.
The "title" scroll is roughly blocked - eventually it
will contain the words
"Cinderella Castle".

Photo 10 - 220 hours

Here the east (side) and
north (rear) portions of the sculpture are nearly complete. The final curvature of the base is established, the landscape, including evergreens and vines now caress the castle.

Photo 11 - 245 hours

The west (side) and north (rear)
details are now more defined. The "title scroll" is complete. Railings, stairway,
and landscaping bring finality
to the wax.

The wax sculpture arrived safely at the
Lilliput Lane Studio in Penrith, England

The talented artisans in the Research and
Development Department insert banner titles, spires, logos, etc.,
and produce the "master" molds.

Lilliput Lane collectors have long
been intrigued by the mastery
of detail and the attention to detail.

Of course it is the grandeur
of the Cinderella Castle
that will capture your sense
of fantasy. But equally, it is the a collection of little things that will capture your heart.

If you are charmed by the
three goldfish in the photo at left,
then the sense of
"real water" will astound you.


Three color variations were
sent to Walt Disney World
for evaluating. Following several
subtle adjustments
the finished color version
pictured on this page was approved.
It arrived in Orlando
just in time for the
30th Anniversary Opening Celebrations on
October 1, 2001.

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