Disneyana 1995 Limited Edition Collectible

By Ray Day

In January of 1995, Lilliput Lane was invited to create a landmark miniature sculpture for the Disneyana Collectibles Convention. The subject was to be Disneyland's Fire Station 105, in honor of the park's 40th Anniversary. Lilliput Lane's founder, David Tate, immediately phoned to offer me the challenge.

Park visitors will find a gleaming century-old Fire Wagon on display inside Fire Station 105 located on Town Square. Further inside are four horse stalls and a pole which is now sealed up. The pole once extended through the ceiling into Walt Disney's apartment above.

Sculpting Disney landmarks in wax allows the artist a great deal of personal creative influence. Designing the back side of building the public sees only from the front is enormously satisfying. And I've placed resident Dalmatian attentively at the front door while her five pup playfully romp with the firehouse behind her back.

"Fire Station 105" is hand-crafted in Amorphite plaster and hand painted in England. It was released in September, 1995 in a limited edition of 501 pieces (that's 105 in reverse). Release price was $195.00.

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