Disneyana 1997
Limited Edition Collectible

by Ray Day

The Haunted Mansion
was a particularly challenging subject.
Here is a building filled with mystery and intrigue.
Visitors to Walt Disney World never really ever
get to the 'front' door, but rather they enter
the attraction at lower left and exit lower right.
To capture a sense of being unreachable,
a blend of "behind the parapet" and
"high on the hill" was my goal

In the conservatory at left, you will discover a table,
a crystal ball
and three souls
seeking an understanding
of how their past
will effect their future.

The Haunted Mansion measures
4.5" X 5"
at the base
and 5" high.

Released September, 1997 -
Limited Edition of 500 pieces at $250.00.

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