Ray Day and Lilliput Lane
Three Outstanding Projects for
Disneyana 2001 Convention

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Find Seven Hidden Mickeys

Tom Sawyer Island
Disneyland -
Combines 19th century Mark Twain and 20th century
Walt Disney
...a magical blend of the past in keeping with the
Disneyana 2001 theme - "A Disney Family Reunion".

sculpture, created mostly in wax, features
Harper's Cider Mill and General Store.

Also nestled in the foliage beyond is a
three-level tree house that is sure to intrigue all who
possess a little bit of Tom's adventurous spirit.

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-From Concept to Finished Collectible-
See the sculpture unfold in progression photos below.

Scroll down to trace the development of
"Tom Sawyer Island"

Above left, during the initial blocking phase the architectural elements
take shape. This first step involved about 10 hours.

Above right, the same view after 60 hours. Here the General Store
and Mill structures are covered with a textured sheet-wax to express
the rustic quality of wood shingles and siding.

A rear view of the Mill (left) reveals another small storage structure.
Note that two large trees are roughly blocked to establish size and proportion.

At right, the wooden water tower is complete - built atop craggy stones on the Island. The huge tree will eventually feature a three-level tree house.

A birds-eye view of the three principal elements of our Disneyana 2001
sculpture - the General Store, Harper's Cider Mill and Tom's Tree House.
The water flume, which will eventually "carry" water for the mill-wheel
is now in place.
Tom Sawyer Island
sculpture will measure 7.5" x 6.5" at the base
and 5" high. With basic structures complete, landscaping will come next.

The multilevel tree house is taking shape. Foliage density has been
established and a detailed foreground will follow.
Viewers will have two ways to access three lofty perches...one, via
the ladder at the base of the tree (pictured) and two, via a rambling plank pathway between the General Store and the Mill.

Completed portion of sculpture includes the enormous tree
(tree house snuggled within its branches...see ladder at left)

extensive foliage, water tower, and a natural pathway leading to
Injun Joe's Cave entrance.

To celebrate my seventh year at Disneyana, I have placed
seven "Hidden Mickeys" on Tom's island. And I suggest you start
your search deep in Injun Joe's Cave.

The right rear section of the sculpture is now complete.
Bags of grain are stacked on the dock which surrounds the Mill.
A fieldstone path from the front passes between
the Mill and storage shed leading down the stone steps
to the water's edge.

An alternate path leads to the tree house ladder, taking the eye
upward, through three levels connected by winding stairways.
I recommend you pause and search out another "Hidden Mickey" in this area.

The front is now complete. Stairs from the porch
lead down to water's edge. There you'll find swans,
Tom's log raft and fishing pole.

Mickey and Tom have just "landed" and their footprints
can be seen in the muddy shoreline,
Tom's are near the water and Mickey's above.

"I want them, when they leave, to have smiles
on their faces."
...Walt Disney

The Disney Copyright Logo will appear just left of the three dock posts.
The Lilliput Lane Logo and Limited Edition number...___/400 will be
to the right of the three posts.
A Disneyana 2001 Convention Logo will be mounted
on the stone wall further to the right.

A a wandering
plank path leads
from the porch
to the water's edge.

The Harper's Cider Mill
sign identifies
the structure.

Two of the three
levels of the
tree house are visible
at the upper left of
this photo.

And of course,
stay alert for possible "Hidden Mickeys".

A plan view is prepared to identify the location of every item in the design. Colors are selected and noted with a number code. In this way, I am able to share my color concepts with the artists at Lilliput Lane.

The project is now complete, and to you, the Disney collectors of the world,
Ray Day and Lilliput Lane proudly present...
- Tom Sawyer Island -

Designed and sculpted in wax by Ray Day.
Cast in Amorphite plaster and painted by the skilled
artisans at Lilliput Lane in Penrith, England.

Tom Sawyer Island will be available ONLY at the
Disneyana Convention - Disneyland, Anaheim.
September 4-8, 2001
Limited Edition: 400 numbered pieces
Size: 7.5" x 6.5" x 5"
Retail: $325.00
Label and Certificate of Authenticity - Signed by Ray Day

Tom Sawyer Island Limited Edition Giclée

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