To aid your search for the
Hidden Mickeys on recent Ray Day sculptures,
refer to the following guide.



Sculpture by Ray Day for the Golden Anniversary of Disneyland and the
Disney Park System.

Released date: June 20, 2005

1. Hidden Mickey number one is the easiest to fine - in the middle of the plaza,
just above the banner reading The Happiest Celebration on Earth.

2. Rotate clockwise and peer into the moat, enjoy the gold fish and
discover a Hidden Mickey etched below the water.

3. Continue clockwise rotation of the sculpture and discover a Hidden Mickey
in the swirling brickwork on the second level of the Castle.

4. On the back of the Castle, look into the gothic arch entryway.

5. Finally, continue the clockwise rotation and look high up
on a wall surface (just below the second tallest tower) and discover
Hidden Mickey number five.


Created by Ray for the Disney Mystery Event (Disneyana)
August, 2002

This is the eighth annual limited edition sculpture created by
Ray Day and produced by Lilliput Lane for the
Disneyana Collectibles Conventions.
Therefore, in this 2002 subject, Ray placed eight Mickeys.
However, because the Hollywood Tower Hotel
is located in the MGM Studio Theme Park,
the Mickeys are in the shape of sorcerer hats with ears.

1. Looking at the facade, you will find the first Hidden Mickey just
below the word HOTEL in the open elevator door.

2. The second nestled in the greenery just left
of the black entrance gate.

3. Turn the sculpt clockwise and discover a Hidden Sorcerer Mickey
in the greenery just above the left stairway railing.

4. Number four is located just left of the two clusters of yellow flowers
at the base of the right stairway.

5. Turn the sculpt clockwise one-quarter turn again.
As your eye wanders the brick pathway under the tree at left, discover
a Hidden Mickey in the greenery on your left.

. Mickey number six is located high up on the right
back wall of the tower - well above the four windows.

7. Locate the tree at the far right corner on this back side.
Turn the sculpture slightly clockwise and search the ground
between the lavender bush and the leafy palm shrub. Ta Da!

8. One last clockwise turn to the final side will reveal a
Hidden Mickey on the wall surface just above the foliage located
left of the stairway to the patio balcony.


Created by Ray for Disneyana 2001
at Disneyland

Because this was the seventh annual Disneyana sculpture,
Ray nestled seven Hidden Mickeys throughout the piece.
Using the following clues, see if you can locate all seven.

1. Hold the sculpture with the facade of the General Store facing
away from you. Now imagine yourself on the
top level of Tom's Tree House From that location,
look down to the rooftop of the General Store and see the Hidden Mickey
atop the chimney. This Hidden Mickey is an 'official'
Walt Disney Imagineers location.

2. While looking at the back of the sculpture, let your search take you
up the tree ladder - then find Hidden Mickey #2 in
the greenery to the left where the ladder meets the tree.

3. Of course you will find a Hidden Mickey deep inside
Injun Joe's Cave.

4. Turn the sculpture one-quarter clockwise and find a Hidden Mickey
under the plank pathway just below the chimney.

5. Now, tilt the sculpture so you are looking past the
chimney top to the lowest level of the tree house.
A Hidden Mickey is located on the inside tree trunk.

6. Pretend you have just disembarked from the raft.
Proceed right and begin climbing the stairs that would
eventually take you up into the tree house.
In the greenery just above the first landing, you find
a Hidden Mickey just below the Mill's flume.

7. Hidden Mickey number seven?
It is in the water near the mill wheel.



Created by Ray in honor of Walt Disney World's 30th Anniversary.

Unveiled October, 2001.

The 30th Anniversary celebration continued through December 2002.

Three Hidden Mickeys were placed on the sculpture to represent the three decades of The Magic Kingdom.

1. Hidden Mickey number one is easily found in the middle of the plaza,
just above the 30th Anniversary banner.

2. Turn the sculpture slightly clockwise to find a
Hidden Mickey in the grass just right of
the swan and boulder near the moat.

3. Turn back to the front - then continue counter-clockwise
to the left facade of the Castle. Look high to find
the golden spire (the smaller of the two).
On the Castle wall behind that smaller golden spire is
Hidden Mickey number three.


One final note. Ray began this Hidden Mickey adventure after
discovering the Hidden Mickey web site while sculpting
Therefore, only HOLLYWOOD TOWER HOTEL and
TOM SAWYER ISLAND sculptures have Hidden Mickeys.

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