Disneyana 1999 Limited Edition Collectible

by Ray Day

Walt Disney said "It all bagan with a mouse." That "mouse" made it big-time in the movies!

For that reason, I've long wanted to sculpt the Main Street Cinema at Disney World.

The opportunity came when "Safari Adventure" was announced as the 1999 Disneyana Convention theme. With "Jungle Book" featured on the marquee and movie posters at the entrance, the Cinema is supported on the left by the Fine China Shop and flower cart, and the Confectionery on the right.

One of the artistic pleasures of sculpting Disney architecture is the "Ray Day would-a, could-a, should-a" theory. Since park visitors see only the facades of the buildings, I get to create the back sides as well. Have you ever wondered how they would-a looked if they could-a looked as they should-a looked?
See photo above for my answer.

"Main Street Cinema" measures 5.25" x 6.75" at the base
and 4" tall (5.25"-with flag)
The limited edition of 500 pieces was released
September, 1999 at $275.00 each.

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created for Lilliput Lane and Enesco