Disneyana Auction 2000 Special

NEWS FLASH September 13, 2000

Ray Day-Lilliput Lane item - "Lot 34" -
sold at the Official Disneyana Auction for $3500.00.

On Thursday, September 7, 2000, a large number of bidders advanced the bid quickly from a start of $500 to near $2500. Occasionally a "telephone" bidder chimed in and the audience of 1800 moaned loudly. Every time an "in house" bid was heard, the audience cheered.

The pace slowed through moans and cheers, then more moans. In time the bidding reached an exciting $3500 "house bid" before the "telephone" bidder declined and the auctioneer declared "SOLD".

One final applause-filled cheer filled the hall. The first Ray Day/Lilliput Lane auction piece provided a wonderfully electric moment at this prestigious Disneyana event.

Lilliput Lane presents
The Walt Disney World Railroad Station

A Production Progressive
Sculpted by RAY DAY
Created for the 1998 Official Disneyana Convention

This one-of-a-kind "Production Progressive" display
features sculptural production elements
from the Lilliput Lane Studio, Penrith, England

Ray Day researched, designed and sculpted the wax model
at his Southern Indiana home-studio between
December 1997 and February 1998.
The fragile
wax model was then sent to the Lilliput Lane Studio
for molding and tooling.
This "Production Progressive" features three basic
elements leading to the production of the 500 piece edition made for the 1998 Disneyana Collectibles Convention in September, 1998.

RESIN MASTER used to produce the production molds.

The original wax sculpture is covered with liquid rubber
to produce a solid mold from which a durable resin master is produced (photo above). The wax is destroyed when removed from the mold. Final corrections and alterations are made at this stage.
From this Resin Master, all production molds are made.


Structural elements and "tools" envelop the resin master
to create thin silicone rubber production molds. Amorphite (a rich, dense, gypsum rock plaster) is hand-poured into each mold by expert crafts persons. When hard, the rubber mold is peeled away
to reveal a pure white replica of the original sculpture.
The "white" is dipped in a tinted liquid polymer to seal the plaster,
and to establish the basic tonal color of the subject.

ORIGINAL PAINTING MASTER used in the studio.

The PAINTING MASTER is produced in the Coloration Department - in concert with Ray's research photos along with reference material
provided by Walt Disney World. Each Amorphite cast is dried
before being hand-painted under strict guidelines to match this MASTER.

Ray Day designed the "Mickey Mouse Base" that supports
these three unique, original elements used to produce
the entire edition in 1998. The base measures 16" x 21" (ear to ear). The sculptures with base measure 6" high.
Each element is positioned on pegs, but removable.
Brass plaques identify each sculptural element.

"Memories of the Magic Kingdom "
- A Production Progressive -

was sold auction
Official Disneyana Convention Auction
September 7, 2000 for $3500.00

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