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Designed by Ray Day under license for Enesco and
sculpted in concert with the Lilliput Lane creative team,
OLD STATE HOUSE, 1776 was "mastered" in the UK, then manufactured in Thailand. It is skillfully designed and
crafted in minute detail, resulting in a high quality
patriotic collectible at an affordable price.


723150...Retail: $50.00. (S-2)
, 1776”
Size: 4.25”W x 3.75”D x 5”H.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(Independence Hall)

There is little doubt that the greatest question Americans have ever decided is the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Voices of those brave patriots echo from the Old State House in Philadelphia where the Continental Congress met.

  Later named Independence Hall, the building served as the nation’s first capitol. It was here that Washington received command of the Continental Army, the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Constitution of the United States was framed.

Originally cast in England, the Old State House Bell broke after arriving in America and was recast in Philadelphia in 1753. During the July 8, 1835 funeral procession of Chief Justice John Marshall, the bell again cracked, ending its annual July 4 ringing to celebrate the nation’s Independence. Known as the Liberty Bell since 1839, Independence Hall was its permanent residence until Jan 1, 1976 when it was moved to the pavilion just north of the building.

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