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Designed by Ray Day under license for Enesco and
sculpted in concert with the Lilliput Lane creative team,
THE PRESIDENT'S HOUSE was "mastered" in the UK,
then manufactured in Thailand. It is skillfully designed and crafted in minute detail, resulting in a high quality
patriotic collectible at an affordable price.

(The White House)


723169...Retail: $45.00. (S-3)

Size: 5”W x 4.75”D x 2.75”H.
North View facing Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, D.C.

In earliest times it was known as “The President’s House” and then the Executive Mansion.

Begun in 1792, John Adams moved into the partially completed structure in 1800. Following the 1814 burning by the British, during the Madison presidency, The President’s House was completely rebuilt. A second total renovation occurred 130 years later during the Truman presidency when the number of rooms was increased from 125 to 132. At the hands of Jacqueline Kennedy the interior was restored to its early 1800’s appearance.

Both a private residence and a public institution, The President’s House has been home to every U. S. President except Washington.

The White House, officially named in 1901 by Theodore Roosevelt, is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. Eight elegantly landscaped acres feature the main building (175 long), the west wing (containing the executive offices of the President and his staff), and the east wing (containing the office of social secretary and the President’s military aids.)

South View facing the Ellipse

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