by Harley E. Warrick

Harley Warrick was the last Mail Pouch barn painter in America!

At my invitation, Harley Warrick, the last Mail Pouch barn
painter in America, joined me in Carthage, MO in July of 1993 to paint a Mail Pouch sign on one of Lowell Davis's barns.
Lowell is a renowned farm-artist and I was in the process of creating a sculpture of the barn for my American Collection of miniature sculptures by Lilliput Lane. David Tate, founder of Lilliput Lane joined in making it an unlikely quartet of artists.

One month later, Harley came to southern Indiana to repaint a barn in my ancestral town of Lanesville, IN - one he had first painted on November 22, 1963. He remembers painting
particular barn on that particular day because he, like
anyone alive in America that day, knew exactly
where he was and what he was doing
the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Our friendship continued and the next year he co-signed a full
edition of my print, "Fresh Paint - A Tribute To Harley".
Although we often discussed the book he was writing,
his untimely death in November, 2000 prevented its completion. Roger Warrick and his sister Lena resurrected the project and published the book.

They have gathered photos and assembled Harley's writings
into a wonderful hardcover publication entitled
THE BARN PAINTER, published in August, 2004.

I am pleased that many of my photos from both
Carthage and Lanesville found their way into this memorable treasure of America's old road.

It is a pleasure to help Roger and Lena
spread the word of their dad's nostalgic
20,000 barn odyssey across the America.

I hope you will order the book for yourself, or a a gift for a friend. In any case, "Treat Yourself to the Best."

For information about "The BARN PAINTER" by Harley E. Warrick, contact Roger Warrick