Fine Giclée Reproductions On Watercolor Paper

In Limited Editions
From Original Ray Day Watercolors

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Regular Edition
Artist Proof Edition
Charity Edition

Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

Print Only: Standard Edition - $110.00 at release
Print Only: Artist Proof - $135.00 at release

Print Size 17.5" x 20.5" - Image 14" x 17.5"

On the side of a sunny hill overlooking Blackmore Vale sits this glorious assembly of tiny cottages built three or four hundred years ago in the shadow of an old abbey wall. The distant Dorset landscape epitomizes a "Wessex" scene of shady lanes, woody dales, picturesque trees
and rivers - all set in that distinctively English patchwork of
green hedgerows and tiny fields.

Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

Ray's framing recommendation:
Gold two inch frame measures: 23.5" X 27"
Top mat: Wine with black-core
Inner mat: Flaxen (buff) .

Brampton, Cumbria

Print Only: Standard Edition - $75.00 at release
Print Only: Aritst Proof - $95.00 at release

Print Size: 11.5" x 14" - Image Size: 9.5" x 11.8"

With heavy oak doors open wide, you can enjoy a peek into
the private garden of Lilliput Lane's founders, David and Sandra Tate,
at their Lake District home in the north of England.

Brampton, Cumbria

Ray's framing recommendation:
Gold 1.5 inch frame measures: 16.5" X19"
Top mat: Williamsburg Green with black core
Inner mat: Gold Florentine

Historic Selworthy, Somerset

Print Only: Standard Edition - $110.00 at release
Print Only: Aritst Proof - $135.00 at release

Print Size: 17.5" 23 - Image Size 14.5" x 20"

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In a village built by a philanthropic landowner to house his estate workers, this picturesque cottage of cob and thatch is designed in the local "vernacular" style of the West country. Selworthy sits sheltered from the fierce Atlantic winds on the leeward side of the 1013 foot Selworthy beacon just north of Exmoor. The entire Somerset village reflects a romantic image of English rural life in medieval times.

Historic Selworthy, Somerset

Ray's framing recommendation:

Two inch Gold Frame measures: 29.5" X 23.5"
Top mat: Ivy Green with black-core
Inner mat: Silver Aspen Green

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Giclée On Watercolor Paper

Giclée, (pronounced Jhee-clay), is a French word
to describe a technique of spraying. It has become the
printer's definition for high quality, archival Fine Art
produced by digital print technology.

Collectors of Giclée prints are assured a reproduction as close to the original artwork as technology will allow along with superior archival standards demanded by the Fine Art industry. The pigment-based UV-secure inks are applied to heavy weight, 100% cotton, acid-free paper.

We are proud to offer The English Collection reproduced in the Fine Art of Giclée digital technology.

Regular Edition
Signed & Numbered (S/N)

All prints are personally signed by the Ray Day. Each edition
is hand-numbered and corresponds to the Certificate of Authentication, which specifies the edition size and
confirms it a valid publication.

Artist Proof (A/P)
Signed & Roman Numeraled (R/N)

An Artist Proof edition of 50 reproductions is personally signed by Ray Day. These are distributed at the artists' discretion, however, some are usually available for public sale.
Artist Proof editions are designated by the letters A/P
and numbered with Roman Numerals.

Charity Edition (C/E)
Signed and Numbered (S/N)

Ray Day has personally signed a special Charity Edition of 25 prints - numbered and designated by the letters C/E.
Charity Edition prints are not for sale to the public.